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How To Enhance Psychic Powers and Ability -Horoscopeeveryday Psychic abilities are not so many abilities as they are sensitive. Just as we possess physical senses, we also possess people who transcend the physical world.

Knowing that somebody goes to call you, thinking of somebody, then shortly running into them, dreaming of events that happen actually, smelling the scent of your grandmother in random places, meeting someone, and having a weird feeling about them that’s later validated—these are all samples of psychic senses at work.

The main psychic senses are clear seeing, clear feeling, and clear hearing, clear knowing, clear smelling, clean-tasting, and clear teaching. We were each master of those psychic senses once we first came into this world, once we were hospitable to the unseen and trusted our intuition. Eventually, however, these senses take the backseat and aren’t given the time or attention necessary for further development. With practice, we will learn to open ourselves up, once more, to those extraordinary senses and tap deeply into the unseen.

How to Grow Your Psychic Abilities

To progress our psychic senses, first, we must understand that we already possess them. They are naturally within us—we only forgot about them. The idea isn’t achieving them, but to reactivate them, to open the copy. Our psychic senses are deeply connected to our right hemisphere, the part that’s intuitive, creative, and empathic. The key’s to quiet our left hemisphere, the part that’s sequential, analytical, and mathematical. When we overthink, we take priority over our inner knowing. The most ideal for strengthening our psychic senses is meditation. Not only is meditation a proven stress reliever, but daily practice can also improve sensitivity to energy through the varied Clair senses. And energy is the language of the spirit. Journaling our thoughts, emotions, and dreams also can help us to revive our psychic potential. Alone when we spend time with ourselves in this very deep and vulnerable way, we empower our intuitive and emotional self to talk with us—and be heard.

How To Enhance Psychic Powers and Ability Spending time with nature raises our vibration in the body, and to attach with spirit, psychics must maintain a high vibrational state. Walking meditation through the forest trains our psychic senses, concentrate on the subtle sounds and therefore the energies of the trees, plants, and animals. Crystals also vibrate at very high frequencies, and certain crystals are employed by psychics to strengthen their psychic senses and channel energy to open up to the imaginary place. Holding a gemstone, carrying it, or meditating or sleeping with it can help adapt us to spiritual energies.

As the idea of psychic senses continues to realize more acceptances, practitioners will still find new ways to develop them.


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