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AstrologyWhy Do People Believe In Hindu Astrology Sign? – Horoscopeeveryday

Why do people believe in Hindu Astrology Sign? – Horoscopeeveryday

Astrology may be a segment that’s, sometimes, quite harshly ignored by the people. Many consider it untrue, fake information created to influence people. But have you ever strove to know the deepest concepts of Astrology? Even amidst the negative furor around it, many people prefer to believe and follow it.

What exactly is astrology? Is it an art or a science? Why do some people dismiss it et al. Accept it? Allow us to enter the depths of astrology and understand some basic concepts about it. Hindu Astrology Sign.

What exactly is Astrology about?

Astrology, within the most elementary terms, is just an astronomical analysis of the placements of the planets and constellations and their impact on the citizenry. Astrology takes into consideration the planets that exist in our system. It also takes into consideration the 12 constellations represented because of the zodiac.

Now, counting on the part of the planet that you simply sleep in, Astrology differs. The eastern concept is named Vedic Astrology originated within the subcontinent of India. The western concept is named Western Astrology.

Let’s discuss a touch about both concepts.

The Vedic Concept of Astrology

Vedic Astrology has been around for quite 1000 years. It was first mentioned in the Vedas. The originator of Vedic Astrology is Maharishi Bhrigu, the writer of Bhrigu Samhita, who was also one of the greatest sages in ancient times. He is also one among the sages within the ‘Saptarishi Constellation’.

Hindu Astrology Sign The base of both the concepts of Astrology remains an equivalent. Both the concept, analyze and understand the planetary movements as well as the Zodiac signs. They strive to know the impact of their movements on the lives of the citizenry.

We all got the concept of Karma. Vedic Astrology plays around this idea of Karma. The astrologers believe that the soul takes birth at a particular place and time to repay the karma that they accumulated in their past lives. Hence, the rationale why we are born, once we are born.

The texts of Vedic Astrology often claim that the souls have to wait for the particular placements of the planets and the zodiac signs to take place, so they can once again be part of the human realm, The reason that everything an individual experience in their current lives is that the summation of their karmas of the past lives.

When you believe it, it seems to be a really beautiful concept often found within the books of Paulo Coelho.

How the system of Vedic Astrology works?

The dates of the start and therefore the end of zodiac signs keep on changing because it takes into consideration the position of stars to determine them. It doesn’t take into consideration to tropics to determine the dates. The system that Vedic astrology follows is named the sidereal system or the stellar system.

The sidereal system takes into consideration the fixed stars to determine the dates of the zodiac signs, and when the position of these stars changes so do the dates.

The planets that are taken under consideration within the Vedic Astrology also are different from Western Astrology. Vedic Astrologers don’t use the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto within the birth charts of the individuals.

The System of Western Astrology

Western astrology has been known since the days of Ptolemy and ancient Mesopotamia. Astrology has been around since 2000 BC. If we enter the history of Western Astrology, we’ll also study the varied astrological systems all around the world like Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Babylonian, etc. I will share a separate article on each of those systems.

The aspect where Western Astrology differs from Vedic Astrology is in their calculation of the date of the Zodiac signs. The calculations in this system depend on the movements of the Earth and the Sun.

This calculation relies on the tropical zodiac which ascertains the relation of sun and earth through Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. The dates of the zodiac signs begin March 22, the day of the vernal equinox when the day and the night are of equal length. The dates of the zodiac signs also continue fixed.

Factually speaking, Vernal Equinox precedes by 50 seconds per annum, which suggests that each 72 years zodiac sign would need to shift each day backward to stay astronomically accurate. Western Astrology does not change the dates of the zodiac signs according to this astronomical shift at the time of the Vernal Equinox. Hence, the dates of the zodiac signs continue fixed. Technically speaking, they ought to be 25 days aside from the first dates by now.

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