Vaishakha Amavasya 2024

Vaishakha Amavasya

Vaishakha Amavasya Muhurat For New Delhi, India

Amavasya Tithi Begins at 11:43:03 on May 7, 2024
Amavasya Tithi Ends at 08:53:47 on May 8, 2024

Vaishakha, the second month of the Hindu calendar, holds within its embrace the dawn of the Treta Era (Yuga). This makes Vaishakha Amavasya a day of immense religious significance. In this blog, we embark on a spiritual voyage to explore the sacredness of Vaishakha Amavasya 2024, uncovering its rituals, beliefs, and the story that breathes life into this auspicious day.

Vaishakha Amavasya – A Confluence of Spiritual Energy:

Vaishakha Amavasya radiates a divine aura, drawing devotees towards its spiritual magnetism. It is a day when religious activities, cleansing baths, acts of charity, and the veneration of ancestors through Pitru Tarpan are considered profoundly auspicious. Moreover, this Amavasya is an opportune time for performing astrological remedies to alleviate the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Dosha. Simultaneously, South India celebrates Shani Jayanti on this auspicious day, adding an extra layer of reverence.

Vaishakha Amavasya Vrat and Puja Vidhi:

The observance of Vaishakha Amavasya is steeped in time-honored rituals, all aimed at seeking blessings for the departed and spiritual elevation:

1. Vaishakha Amavasya Morning Purification:

Commence the day with a sacred bath in a river, lake, or pond.

Offer Argh to the Sun God and release sesame seeds into the flowing water, symbolizing the offering to ancestors.

2.Vaishakha Amavasya  Fasting and Acts of Compassion:

Observe a fast, dedicating the day to the liberation of your forefathers.

Extend your benevolence by donating essential items to the less fortunate, ensuring the peace and salvation of your ancestors.

3. Vaishakha Amavasya Worship of Lord Shani:

As Shani Jayanti coincides with Vaishakha Amavasya, devotees worship Lord Shani with offerings of sesame seeds, oil, and flowers, seeking his blessings and protection.

4. Vaishakha Amavasya Tree and Lamp Devotion:

  • In the morning, offer water to the sacred Peepal tree, a symbol of divine connection.
  • Illuminate a lamp in the evening, signifying the eternal light of spirituality.

5. Vaishakha Amavasya Generosity:

  • Display your devotion through acts of kindness by providing grains and clothing to the needy or Brahmins, guided by your heart’s benevolence.

The Legend of Vaishakha Amavasya:

Vaishakha Amavasya -In the annals of religious scriptures, a story resonates with the significance of Vaishakha Amavasya. It unfolds the tale of Brahmin Dharmvarna, a devout soul who chose the path of renunciation and Sannyasa upon learning the supreme sanctity of meditating upon Lord Vishnu’s name in the Kalyuga.

His spiritual journey led him to Pitru Loka, where he discovered that his ancestors were in distress, as there was no one to perform Pind Daan for their salvation. Dharmvarna, out of compassion, returned to worldly life, started a family, and fulfilled the wishes of his ancestors by ritually offering Pind Daan on Vaishakha Amavasya, liberating their souls.


Vaishakha Amavasya 2024 beckons as a day of spiritual awakening and divine devotion. As we engage in the prescribed rituals and acts of compassion, we honor our ancestors and chart a course of spiritual enlightenment. Let the story of Brahmin Dharmvarna inspire us to embrace both the worldly and the spiritual, for Vaishakha Amavasya is a tapestry where redemption and enlightenment converge, weaving the threads of tradition and devotion into our lives.

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