Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Jyeshtha Nakshatra

 Jyestha Nakshatras In Vedic Astrology, there are 27 nakshatras, and one of the most prominent ones is the Jyestha nakshatra. This nakshatra is associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio. The name “Jyestha” itself means the eldest or the most brilliant. This brilliance is reflected in the nakshatra’s size and structure, making it stand out among the others.

The Jyestha nakshatra is particularly known for its luminosity in the night sky. At its center, you can find a bright red star, which symbolizes the heart of the scorpion and is also known as Antares. This nakshatra holds a special place in Vedic Astrology due to its significance and prominence in the celestial sphere Jyestha nakshatra,.

Key Jyeshtha Traits

You might wonder what makes someone a Jyestha Moon, but it’s not about their appearance or behavior.

The key identifier of a Jyestha Moon is often being the eldest among siblings. They are typically not middle-born or the youngest in the family. This distinction is essential because the Moon represents aspects like maternal relationships, compatibility with others based on Moon signs, and significant life events like being born as the eldest. While not every eldest child is a Jyestha Moon, the majority of Jyesthas are indeed the eldest in their families Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyesthas often possess talents like writing or dancing, but they tend to keep their private lives separate from the public eye. They prefer solitude over being part of noisy crowds, even though they may showcase their skills in front of an audience.

Sometimes, Jyesthas can exhibit a “superiority complex.” They might wonder why others don’t seem to possess the same level of logic and common sense as they do, and they’re not shy about expressing this belief. While there may be some truth to their observations, openly criticizing people for what they see as subpar behavior can create tension. Despite knowing this, many Jyesthas find it challenging to keep their thoughts to themselves Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyeshta Nakshatra Dates 2023

January 18, 2023 February 15, 2023 March 14, 2023
April 10, 2023 May 07, 2023 June 04, 2023
July 01, 2023 July 29, 2023 August 25, 2023
September 21, 2023 October 18, 2023 November 15, 2023
December 12, 2023

Some Interesting Facts of Jyeshta Nakshatra

  • Translation: Eldest sister, river Ganges
  • Symbol: Earring, umbrella, talisman
  • Lord: Mercury (Budha)
  • Zodiac: Scorpio sign (Vrischik)
  • Deity: Vishnu
  • Nature: The Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna) or hard (Daruna)
  • Gana: Rakshasa Gana
  • Mode: Active
  • Constellation: 18
  • Body VarahaMihira: Neck
  • Body Parashara: Upper hips
  • Number: 18
  • Letter: No, Ya, Yi, Yu
  • Lucky letters: N & Y
  • Lucky Stone: Emerald
  • Lucky Color: Cream
  • Lucky Numbers: 5
  • Element: Air
  • Dosh: Vata
  • Bird Name: Brahmani Duck
  • Yoni/Animal Symbol: A Male Deer or Hare
  • Tree: Shalmali (Cotton tree)

Career & Professional Affinity

Jyestha individuals are natural leaders who readily embrace roles with significant responsibilities. Right from the outset of their careers, they exhibit a strong drive to excel and aim to reach the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields. Many Jyestha individuals thrive as managers and entrepreneurs, excelling in their leadership roles Jyestha nakshatra.

What sets Jyestha apart is their unwavering commitment and laser-focused approach to their work. They are synonymous with brilliance and analytical excellence. Their exceptional reasoning and debating skills make them adept at conducting meetings and conferences, and they do so with confidence. Unlike some others who may possess knowledge but feel self-conscious on a center stage, Jyestha individuals shine in such situations. This quality is not just inherent in them; it’s something others can learn from their example Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyestha individuals aspire to be the best and are often irreplaceable assets in the organizations they serve. When they decide to move on, it often takes a considerable amount of time to fill the void they leave behind.

Apart from their professional prowess, Jyestha individuals are also known for their artistic and passionate nature. When it comes to their careers, they follow their hearts and wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to their chosen paths, ensuring long-term success Jyestha nakshatra.

In addition to their careers, Jyestha individuals frequently engage in social entrepreneurship. They can be found working with established NGOs or even establishing their own, creating entire ecosystems dedicated to their vision of how things should work Jyestha nakshatra.

Scorpios, on the other hand, have a natural talent for detective work. Their intuition is exceptionally sharp, and they possess a genuine interest in unraveling mysteries and uncovering hidden truths.

Modeling is another career path where Scorpios often shine. Their confidence and ability to present themselves effectively in public, combined with their striking physical features, make them stand out whenever they enter a room. They have a knack for making their presence felt Jyestha nakshatra.

Family & Finance

Jyestha individuals embody deep femininity, making them naturally adept at both parenting and partnerships. These essential feminine qualities encompass understanding, nurturing, love, kindness, and, notably, a profound sense of maturity that often surpasses that of their peers. Within the realm of responsibilities, Jyestha, represented by the constellation of the same name, takes on a significant role within their family. As the eldest, they find themselves adhering to established norms until they transition into parenthood and, in turn, become the rule-makers instead of followers. However, it’s worth noting that these same expectations don’t necessarily extend to their younger siblings Jyestha nakshatra.

Moon in Jyestha signifies a unique relationship with their mother, from whom they gain valuable insights into their own perceptions of right and wrong.

Financial stability is rarely a concern for Jyestha individuals, as they often begin earning at an early age and value their independence. They have refined tastes and prefer a comfortable lifestyle, which they are more than willing to work diligently to attain. Notably, financial prospects tend to improve significantly after the age of 28.

Important Years for Jyeshtha

Jyestha’s formative years, from early childhood to their mid-twenties, are marked by abundant energy and a keen intelligence. During this time, they have a natural aptitude for learning and readily grasp various concepts. Aside from academics, they also focus on developing important life skills. Jyestha tends to be disruptive in any setting, constantly seeking to acquire new skills. Their curiosity leads them to question everything and engage in discussions with everyone around them Jyestha nakshatra.

As they reach the ages of 27 to 28, Jyestha enters a phase of stability in both their personal and professional life. They prioritize retaining and applying the knowledge they have gained. It’s a period where they often meet their life partner, perhaps even marrying their high-school sweetheart. In terms of career, the rapid rises they experienced earlier become more gradual, but their professional journey continues to progress steadily.

By the time they reach the age of 40, stability becomes a prominent feature of Jyestha’s life in all aspects. They have a family of their own, an established career, and a sense of assurance that their hard work has paid off. What they have built up until this point can be maintained and further developed with fewer challenges and uncertainties Jyestha nakshatra.

The Ruling Planet of Jyeshtha Nakshatra (Graha Devta): Mercury

Mercury is the Graha Devta, or Ruling Planet, for those born under the Jyeshtha Nakshatra. This celestial influence bestows upon them a wealth of qualities, including wisdom, cleverness, wit, and a sharp, logical mind. People of this nakshatra are known for their keen perception and intuitive abilities. They excel in fields such as astrology, occult sciences, tarot card reading, and psychic practices Jyestha nakshatra.

Additionally, Mercury blesses them with creativity and strong business acumen. This combination of talents and skills makes individuals born under Jyeshtha Nakshatra well-suited for careers that require analytical thinking and intuitive insights.

The Energy Source of Jyeshtha Nakshatra (Adhi Devta): Indra

In Vedic mythology, there was a mighty King of Gods named Indra. He was known for his great warrior skills. However, despite his power and authority, Indra had a habit of getting into trouble and losing his Kingdom Jyestha nakshatra

Similarly, individuals born in the Jyeshtha Nakshatra can achieve success and influence in their careers through hard work and determination. But here’s the catch – if they can’t control their temper, ego, and desires, they might encounter numerous challenges in life. 

It’s important to note that these challenges can become even more significant if the Moon, when placed in the Jyeshtha Nakshatra, is further influenced by malefic forces. So, while ambition and hard work can take you far, it’s equally crucial to keep a check on your negative traits to avoid unnecessary troubles in life Jyestha nakshatra.

Gender for Jyeshtha: Female

In Vedic Astrology, the gender of a Nakshatra plays a role in matchmaking. But when we take a closer look, it reveals something fascinating. The gender of the Jyeshtha Nakshatra is Female. People born in this Nakshatra tend to be empathetic, intuitive, caring, and generous. They are emotionally sensitive individuals who are willing to go to great lengths to help and support those who are vulnerable or in need.

Your Natural Instincts

Jyeshtha is associated with the deer yoni. The deer yoni is known for its shyness and timidity, but it’s also recognized for its faithfulness and eagerness in matters of intimacy. While the horse yoni is the most desired, the deer yoni comes next in popularity. Individuals under this yoni are self-reliant, honest, openly express their affection, and are filled with love Jyestha nakshatra.

Ayurveda or Medicinal Traits of Jyestha: Vata

Dosha indicates the kind of health issues a person may encounter. Individuals born under the Jyeshtha Nakshatra tend to be influenced by Vata dosha. Vata is associated with air, and it can lead to health problems related to breathing, heart conditions, muscle aches, stomach discomfort, and more.

Broad Instincts of Jyestha

In Indian philosophy, there are three fundamental qualities known as Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. These qualities play a crucial role in shaping our lives. Jyeshtha Nakshatra is associated with the Sattva Guna, which embodies qualities of kindness, charity, and philanthropy. People born under this Nakshatra are known for their affectionate and loyal nature in their relationships Jyestha nakshatra.

Broad Nature of Jyestha

In astrology, there are three basic instinct types known as Gana, which greatly influence a person’s outlook, reactions, and attitude toward life. These three Ganas are Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, and Rakshasa Gana.

Jyestha falls into the category of Rakshasa Gana. People belonging to Rakshasa Gana possess a heightened sense of intuition, allowing them to quickly pick up on energies and discern the presence of negativity in their surroundings. Contrary to what the name might suggest, they are generally soft-spoken individuals, but they don’t hesitate to raise their voices when necessary. Unlike the diplomatic approach of those in the Dev Gana, Rakshasa Gana individuals tend to be more straightforward and direct in their communication Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyestha Element: Air

The Jyeshtha Nakshatra is influenced by the Air element, which brings flexibility and multitasking abilities to the individuals born under it. People in this Nakshatra are known for their high intellect, curiosity, and abundant energy. They enthusiastically work towards achieving their goals.

First letter for naming Jyeshtha Nakshatra born baby – No, Ya, Yi, Yu

According to the Vedas, the first letter of your name carries a special vibration that’s linked to you as an individual. It’s a good idea to select a name that starts with a letter harmonious with both you and the Universe. This way, you can align yourself with the promise of happiness and success outlined in your birth chart Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyestha Constellation Compatibility with Other Constellations

Depending upon characteristics of each constellation (nakshatra), find out the best match for Jyeshtha and their compatibility with each constellation.

Aswini-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha folks are known for their spiritual inclinations and a bit of a mercurial nature, which doesn’t quite sync with the energy of Ashvini, ruled by a different planet. Jyestha individuals tend to be emotionally intricate and detail-oriented, whereas Ashvini folks are more straightforward. This difference in emotional styles might make it clear that they may not be the best match for each other Jyestha nakshatra.

Interestingly, Ashvini seems to have trouble letting go of this relationship. On the other hand, Jyestha values and insists on having clear boundaries, which is something Ashwini tends to cross over quite often. Additionally, Jyestha individuals can be possessive, which could potentially lead to conflicts.

When we look at the temperamental match or “guna” between you both, it scores 15 out of 36, which translates to 41%.

Bharani-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha individuals tend to be more sensual than Baharani, and they can use this quality to their advantage. However, it’s essential to note that what initially attracts and connects you to them can also be a source of conflict. Their on-and-off attitude can lead to unpredictable dynamics in the relationship.

In terms of temperament compatibility (guna), your match scores a 19 out of 36, which translates to 49%.

Krittika-Jyestha Nakshatras

Krittika and Jyeshtha are like a perfect pair among the stars. Jyestha is the best match for Krittika. Jyestha brings a lot of experience to the table but still looks at life with optimism and hope. This positive outlook rubs off on Krittika and helps them see the brighter side of things. Jyestha has a knack for making Krittika smile and brings a lot of fun into their life. Both of you are happy to meet each other’s needs and it’s a two-way street of giving and receiving Jyestha nakshatra.

Krittika’s calm nature complements Jyestha’s more restless spirit. It’s like Krittika is a soothing balm to Jyestha’s storms. In this relationship, Jyestha feels secure and loved. Love, happiness, and a sense of security are the strong bonds that tie you both together.

When it comes to your temperamental match, you score an impressive 86%, which means you have great compatibility Jyestha nakshatra.

Rohini-Jyestha Nakshatras

Rohini is head over heels for Jyestha and is willing to go to great lengths for them. Jyestha reciprocates this love and showers Rohini with affection, sometimes to the point of spoiling them. Jyestha allows Rohini to indulge in their desires and finds them attractive when they are happy. Both of them enjoy a relationship that is emotionally and physically satisfying. While Jyestha is spiritually complex, Rohini may not fully understand this aspect of them. However, Rohini trusts Jyestha more than anyone else and gives them the space to explore their spirituality Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperament compatibility (guna), your match scores a 34 out of 36, which is an impressive 94%.

Mrigashirsha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Mrigashira is known for being very talkative and often gets into arguments. On the other hand, Jyestha prefers a quieter approach and delves deep into their spirituality. This contrast can sometimes make Jyestha feel threatened because they wonder why they need Mrigashira to explain their spiritual beliefs. While Jyestha is content with feeling things on a profound level, Mrigashira just can’t resist the urge to engage in debates. Even though they both appreciate wordplay and complex philosophies, Mrigashira can feel a bit unsettled when Jyestha, who is usually reserved, outsmarts them. This dynamic can create some tension between them Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of their temperamental compatibility (guna), their match is rated at 22 out of 36, which translates to a 61% compatibility rating.

Ardra-Jyestha Nakshatras

Ardra and Jyestha, when it comes to their emotions, often clash because they see things differently. Ardra is more practical and focused on what’s effective, while Jyestha tends to have a more optimistic outlook on life. What might be a solution for Ardra might not align with Jyestha’s views, and they may find it hard to compromise. In romantic relationships, this can be quite damaging Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperament compatibility (guna), your match scores a 3 out of 36, which is only 8%.

Punarvasu-Jyestha Nakshatras

Punarvasu and Jyestha nakshatras have distinct emotional characteristics. Punarvasu tends to be straightforward, while Jyestha can be more complex in dealing with emotions. When it comes to relationships, particularly romantic ones, emotions play a significant role. However, their emotional disparities can make it challenging for them to maintain a strong and lasting connection. Both individuals value their independence and resist domination, which can lead to chaos in the relationship.

In terms of temperament compatibility (guna), your match scores a 10 out of 36, which translates to a 27% compatibility rating.

Pushya-Jyestha Nakshatras

Pushya sees spirituality in asceticism alone. Jyestha, on the other hand, believes that spirituality lies in the essence of the soul and the core of who you are. They think it can be nurtured through life experiences. For Jyestha, what some may view as ‘fun’ is a way to seek truth and knowledge, and this perspective greatly contributes to their spirituality. They can help Pushya feel liberated, more vibrant, and free from guilt about enjoying life a bit Jyestha nakshatra

When Pushya decides to open up and trust Jyestha, they get a glimpse of an intense yet fulfilling life through Jyestha’s lens.

In terms of temperament, your match (guna) rates at 12/36, which translates to 58%.

Ashlesha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Good news for Ashlesha! Unlike some people who see things as either right or wrong, Jyestha tends to view life in shades of gray. Ashlesha sees Jyestha as an ideal, someone they admire and want to become more like. There’s a deep appreciation and love for Jyestha, as if they are a part of Ashlesha’s own self Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyestha, on the other hand, understands where Ashlesha is coming from. They recognize that Ashlesha’s choices may differ from their own, and that’s what makes Ashlesha so intriguing to them. Despite these differences, Ashlesha looks up to Jyestha and values their connection. Both of you also share a Mercurial nature.

In terms of temperamental compatibility (guna), your match scores 26 out of 36, which is a solid 72%. This suggests a good level of compatibility between the two of you.

Magha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha has the power to decide if they want to be with you or not. They possess all the qualities that a Magha desires in a partner, but the same may not be true in reverse. Jyestha knows how to bring a Magha down to earth using logic. On the contrary, Jyestha can do just fine with or without Magha because they may not have much to offer in return; it’s actually the other way around Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperament compatibility (guna), your match scores 24 out of 36, which equals 68%.

Purva Phalguni-Jyestha Nakshatras

As a Scorpio, your connection with the Jyestha constellation can be quite different in terms of sexuality. While Scorpio is known for its passionate nature, Jyestha brings together elements of spirituality and sensuality. This unique combination might be puzzling for a sign like Purva Phalguni, which leans heavily towards the physical aspects of love.

When Jyestha’s spiritual side beckons, it can leave Purva Phalguni feeling confused and possibly even clingy, which is something Scorpio typically dislikes. Unfortunately, this dynamic can strain the relationship more than you might expect Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperamental compatibility, your match rating (guna) is 22 out of 36, which translates to a 64% compatibility score.

Uttara Phalguni-Jyestha Nakshatras

When it comes to wordplay, Jyestha is a force to be reckoned with. They have a sharp wit, and trying to outsmart them can be a futile endeavor. If you’re from Uttara Phalguni, you might think you’re clever, but Jyestha can see through your intentions and shut you down instantly. If they decide not to engage, they’ll still give you a taste of what it means to mess with them emotionally Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperamental compatibility (guna), your match scores a 17 out of 36, which translates to 47%.

Hasta-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha might struggle with what some call a ‘superiority complex.’ They find it hard to understand why people can’t just be comfortable with themselves. When it comes to Hasta, Jyestha believes that Hasta might use their insecurities to manipulate others, and Jyestha sees through it. While Jyestha may care for Hasta and encourage them to be authentic, they won’t stick around if Hasta keeps repeating self-sabotaging behaviors.

In terms of temperamental compatibility (guna), your match scores 16 out of 36, which is roughly 45%.

Chitra-Jyestha Nakshatras

Ever heard of those couples who, at first, can’t stand each other, but then suddenly fall head over heels in love, leaving everyone around them in disbelief? Well, that’s the story of Jyestha and Chitra. 

Chitra is the adventurous type, especially when it comes to matters of intimacy. On the other hand, Jyestha tends to approach these things with the curiosity of a child, not really going anywhere with their romantic adventures. This tends to get on Chitra’s nerves, and for a good reason Jyestha nakshatra.

After some careful reflection, Chitra realizes that Jyestha possesses the qualities it has been seeking in its partners all along. There’s passion, love, and fun waiting to be unlocked in this relationship, but it only happens when they both give it a chance. However, in general, whatever Chitra does, Jyestha tends to disapprove because they feel like they’ve already been down that road Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperament (guna), your compatibility score is 22/36, which is a respectable 62%.

Swati-Jyestha Nakshatras

In this relationship, there’s a bit of a power struggle going on, and a constant need to prove who’s superior. Swati tries to engage in games with Jyestha, which may seem trivial. However, both of them get caught up in this “who’s better” competition and end up getting irritated with each other.

If we look at the compatibility score (guna) between the two of you, it’s 13 out of 36, which translates to 41%.

Vishakha-Jyestha Nakshatras

In a Vishakha and Jyestha relationship, there’s a fantastic match of interests, and things just click. They share a love for deep conversations, delving into topics like philosophy, spirituality, and the intricate workings of the world. Together, they explore the realms of sensuality and how it intertwines with various aspects of life, making their connection truly special Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyestha plays a role in helping Vishakha break free from societal norms and think beyond the constraints of tradition. It’s a partnership built on trust and shared passions, making it a remarkable union.

When we look at the temperamental match (guna), it stands at 25 out of 36, which translates to a strong 72% compatibility.

Anuradha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Anuradha and Jyestha, as constellations, share a deep and selfless love for each other. Their spiritual connection allows them to understand and uplift each other in profound ways. Together, they form a partnership that can endure the test of time effortlessly. Anuradha provides unwavering support to Jyestha across all aspects of life, and their emotional complexity harmoniously intertwines Jyestha nakshatra.

Jyestha thrives under the nurturing love and support of Anuradha. Interestingly, they both belong to the same yoni, the deer, which further strengthens their bond.

In terms of temperament (guna), your match scores 30 out of 36, which equates to an impressive 84%.

Jyeshtha-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha and Jyestha share an understanding of each other’s emotions and spiritual aspects. However, their relationship is not the most harmonious one. They have the potential to hurt each other, and if both the boy and the girl have the same Moon sign, it can lead to Nadi dosh.

In terms of temperamental compatibility (guna), your match scores 28 out of 36, which is equivalent to 77%.

Mula-Jyestha Nakshatras

Sexually, the dog and the deer don’t go well together. Deer is timid, teasing, hard to catch. Dog is aggressive and wants to dominate while in sex expecting other one to be submissive and in fact sometimes, degraded sex as well can be a taste. Jyestha isn’t going to give in to that unless they feel comfortable, which they won’t. Jyestha’s need for sensuality feels rejected in the aggressiveness of Mula in the bed. Distasteful relationship Jyestha nakshatra.

Temperamental match (guna), between you both is a 13/36, which is a 38%.

Purva Ashada-Jyestha Nakshatras

Imagine two individuals meeting at a crossroads, each on their unique journey. Purva Ashada tends to have many distractions, which might not align with your vision of a relationship where it’s just the two of you, spending quality time together. While there is an initial attraction on a sensual level, you both may have significant differences in other aspects unless Jyestha, represented here, can learn not to be overly possessive.

When we consider the temperamental match (guna), the score is 15 out of 36, resulting in a 44% compatibility rating.

Uttara Ashada-Jyestha Nakshatras

When it comes to Uttara Ashada, Jyestha should proceed with caution. It’s easy to be drawn to Uttara Ashada when there’s a strong spiritual and emotional connection, which is often what initially attracts Jyestha. However, Uttara Ashada individuals tend to be reserved when it comes to sensuality, whereas Jyestha thrives on it. In this relationship, Jyestha may need to gently introduce Uttara Ashada to various ways of experiencing sensuality. It’s important not to push them into being too experimental too quickly Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperamental compatibility (guna), your score is 18 out of 36, making it a 50% match.

Shravana-Jyestha Nakshatras

While many people are engrossed in discussing local events and matters within their state, Jyestha stands out as someone who’s more preoccupied with understanding the universe, the behavior of the cosmos, philosophical questions, human psychology, and similar profound topics. They seem somewhat detached from the seemingly chaotic crowd. But, is Jyestha truly alone in this pursuit? Shravana might just be another soul, quietly gazing at the stars and pondering the mysteries of the sky. When they come together, there’s an instant attraction, and they dive deep into these subjects.

However, what sets them apart is their approach. Jyestha delves into a subject to gain a comprehensive understanding, whereas Shravana approaches the same topics to ‘experience’ them and grasp their historical significance. Jyestha tends to intellectualize concepts, while Shravana embraces them, believing that Jyestha, by overanalyzing and not ‘feeling’ them, misses the essence Jyestha nakshatra.

When we consider the temperamental match (guna), the score is 21 out of 36, equating to a 55% compatibility rating.

Dhanishtha- Jyestha Nakshatras

In terms of sexual compatibility, this pairing isn’t ideal, as one is akin to a deer and the other to a lion. However, in other aspects, this relationship thrives. They appreciate each other’s unique qualities and have the opportunity to learn from one another when it comes to emotions. Additionally, there’s a mutual respect for the spiritual journeys they are both embarking on Jyestha nakshatra.

When we consider the temperamental match (guna), the score stands at 23 out of 36, amounting to a 62% compatibility rating.

Shatabhisha-Jyestha Nakshatras

A relationship involving a Shatabhisha and Jyestha can thrive if they’re both mature enough to respect each other’s need for space. Shatabhisha tends to be emotionally intricate, often concealing their complexities. Jyestha, on the other hand, quickly grasps this and encourages Shatabhisha to address these emotions, which might be a challenging task for them. To make this relationship successful, it’s essential to maintain emotional detachment Jyestha nakshatra.

When it comes to their temperamental match (guna), they score 16 out of 36, resulting in a 47% compatibility rating.

Purva Bhadrapada-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha introduces the Purva Bhadra pada to a world of sensuality, inviting exploration through the physical body, spiritual self, and verbal expression. However, these enticing words may lose their charm when Jyestha shifts their focus away from passion and onto other matters. Purva Bhadrapada, on the other hand, readily succumbs to Jyestha’s desires, which they may find distasteful. This could lead Jyestha to contemplate leaving the relationship, causing emotional pain to Purva Bhadrapada. In the process, Jyestha may also experience spiritual consequences Jyestha nakshatra.

When we assess the temperamental compatibility (guna), the score is 8 out of 36, resulting in a 24% compatibility rating.

Uttara Bhadrapada-Jyestha Nakshatras

Jyestha is naturally inclined to experience deep emotions and often carries a sense of inner turmoil. This might not be relatable to many, but Uttara Bhadrapada shares a similar emotional depth. Interestingly, Jyestha strongly dislikes being shown mercy and prefers to navigate their path independently. Uttara Bhadrapada understands this aspect of Jyestha and respects their need to go through life on their own terms. While Uttara Bhadrapada may not be particularly sensual, which could potentially be a point of contention for Jyestha, they appreciate and love Jyestha for who they truly are, and that’s what truly matters in their connection Jyestha nakshatra.

In terms of temperamental compatibility (guna), your score is 20 out of 36, equating to a 55% compatibility rating.

Revati-Jyestha Nakshatras

Revati spends their life contemplating the essence of love and arrives at the conclusion that the ultimate purpose of love is to grant freedom rather than restrict it. It’s a profound idea, and Jyestha may very well resonate with it. However, Jyestha is a constellation driven by sensuality, yearning to love Revati – and perhaps it does. On the other hand, Revati desires that Jyestha would engage in a deeper exploration of love in its purest form, devoid of the complexities of sex, sensuality, or physical attraction. What may appear heavenly in the beginning could encounter disagreements later on Jyestha nakshatra.

When we consider the temperamental match (guna), your score is 20 out of 36, which equates to a 55% compatibility rating.

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